For Here or To Go

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I joined the Cub Scouts (Junior Scouts) and had to go to the camping site for the opening ceremonies. I had a sack lunch as we were not allowed to actually camp out overnight and join the upper grade Boy Scouts in making and cooking food and doing scouting activities beyond the ceremonial reciting of scout pledge.

I wasn’t really into all the hoopla and pomp of scouting. After the opening ceremonies, everyone gathered to get ready for some sort of communal lunch but I decided to ditch it. So I walked home with my sack lunch and not even halfway through, stopped at the sidewalk and had my own picnic. 

One of my mother’s cousins saw me while she was passing by and looked at me like I was crazy. When I got home, my family had already known about it and they laughed at me, perhaps for them it’s one of those weird things weird kids do. It may have been odd, but I didn’t want to be communal with some kids that I didn’t really find interesting; and I was starving! Even to this day, I still do weird things like that!

One thought on “For Here or To Go”

  1. I don’t think your behavior is/was weird at all, your behavior speaks to your will to live your truth. Dom you have a clear path you are on, your gift for not allowing anything to deter you from that path is admirable. Your lunch was calling and answered (LOL!), at least when you arrived home you were able to laugh with a full tummy :-).

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